Home School Communication

Home school Communication

Children can grow better if there is good communication and cooperation among family, school and the community. Parents are important partners in children’s learning journey, they are also valuable resources to the school. Parents’ involvement in school can provide significant contribution to school teaching and learning, and supports the continuous development of the school. Thus, it is very important to establish a trusting relationship between the school and parents.  Our School provides different channels for parents to participate in children’s education. Parents can participate regularly or when necessary according to their needs.

Year 2019-20


“Parent-child autumn trip” Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden


Content:Through parent-child autumn trips, children can enjoy the scenery of nature and get to know more about different animals and plants, experience the fun of outings, enhance parent-child bondings and relationship. 

「Parent-child autumn trip」

Date:30th November 2019

Content: During the autumn trip for parents and children, game about “character education” will be held for different classes to enhance mutual trust, courtesy, cherish and life ability between parents and children.

「Information for Primary One」

Date:10th September 2019

Content: Through the workshop, parents can understand how to choose a suitable primary school for their children, and invite parents of alumni to the school to share their children’s experience of entering Primary One.


「Be a smart parent」

Date:23rd August 2019

Content: Parents learn about anxiety or anxiety through lectures to improve their ability to deal with their children’s problems.