Home School Communication

Home-school Communication

Children can grow better if there is good communication and cooperation among family, school and the community. Parents are important partners in children’s learning journey, they are also valuable resources to the school. Parents’ involvement in school can provide significant contribution to school teaching and learning, and supports the continuous development of the school. Thus, it is very important to establish a trusting relationship between the school and parents.  Our School provides different channels for parents to participate in children’s education. Parents can participate regularly or when necessary according to their needs.

Year 2018-19

「Love You‧Love Cookies」

Date:19th December 2018

Content:Parents came to school to make 100 pieces of cartoon cookies for children to celebrate the festival. Thank you for the lovely cookies and efforts!

「Making Cartoon Snowy Moon Cake」

Date:20th September 2018

Content:As Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, Parents came to school and made 100 cartoon snowy moon cakes for children to celebrate the festival. Their hard work and love was much appreciated!

「Parent Talk on Brain Gym X Music Enhanced Learning Effectiveness」

Date:21st November 2018

Content:Through demonstrations and practices, parents acquired strategies of counseling children’s emotion and helping children enhance self-discipline.

「Parent Talk on Synchronous Positive Education」

Date:24th October 2018

Content:The talk provided parental training and information about Positive Education, aiming to help parents understand the importance of home-school collaboration in nurturing children and to foster their support in school teaching.