Extended Hours Service

Mission:Provide extended child care service beyond teaching hours in order to assist working parents or families in needs.

Content:evening snacks, books, stories, art activities and corner activities


Monday to Friday  6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Public Holiday and School Holiday  Rest

Target: School Students

Quota:14 students

Fee $13 per hour


  1. You can make an appointment of application and pay the fee in advance to the school staff to secure your quota.
  2. Call or register directly with school staff on the day of service and pay the fee before the use of the service or when you come to pick up your child.
  3. If the student has not been picked by parents after 6 pm, he/she will be treated as a user of the extended services and additional charges will be applied.

Withdrawal:When the reservation is automatically abandoned, the fees paid will not be refunded.