Life & Care

Year 2019-20 Activity Highlights 

2019.12.14 “Rejoice and Give thanks: Children Christmas Thanks Giving and Fun Fair

2019.12.07 Kei Fook Happy Life Carnival cum Kindergarten Talent Show

2019.12.04 Sham Shui Po District Schools Drama Tour on Fire Safety

2019.11.30 Parent-child Autumn School Picnic

2019.11.27 Big Waster Drama

2019.11.11 Experiential Learning in Positive Education

2019.11.08 Fruits for Fairies

2019.10.22-2019.12.01 One Person, One Flower Scheme

2019.10.21 Brighter Smiles Playland

2019.09.25-2020.01.03 Jockey Club Music Children Seed Programme (Level 2)

Music,Physical Activity, Aesthetic Activity

Mixed Age Gross Motor Exercise

Music Activity 

Interest Activity     

Theme Learning

Theme Learning

Group learning / Self-choice Activity

Story Sharing

Self-care Learning

Breakfast/ Lunch/ Tea Time

Tasting Fruits and Dried Fruit

Group Praying Section (Group Prayer Meeting?)

Morning Assembly

Daily Summary