Course Design

1.『Story Approach to Integrated Learning』

The curriculum emphasizes the cultivation of a meaningful and life-oriented learning experience for children. Teachers and students create a learning environment together. Within the story theme, Children can role-play different roles to simulate different life experiences. Children’s learning interest was also enhanced through various community learning. These features inspire children’s creativity and imagination through the practice of “Learn from doing and living”.

2.『Learning in Sites』

Children expand their learning beyond classrooms. They are encouraged to reach out to the community and nature to explore the environment surrounds them. Children observe and investigate different elements surrounding them, such as plants, the power of winds and movements of water. They make connections between their observation and their live, and appreciate the creation of God and enjoy the independent space for learning with joy.

3.『Creating Learning Situation』

Learning Corners are created and decorated according to different story themes with sufficient space for children to apply and revisit their learning experiences. Children play an important role in refining and re-constructing these corners to address their learning needs and achievements. The interactions between teachers and children themselves help scaffold children’s learning. Such learning experience enable children to progress and provide them with individual and group learning opportunities to enhance their problem solving skills.

4.『Whole Brain Learning』

The body and the brain are a whole. Balanced and healthy physiological conditions are the prerequisites to a clever brain. We recognize the importance of whole brain development in nurturing the healthy growth of children. By utilizing children’s developmental characteristics, such as their keen interest in moving around, experimenting and learning, and incorporating brain gym exercise and healthy diet into the daily schedule, we aim to help children establish ideal habits to ensure healthy brain and body development.

5.Cultivation of 『Spirituality and Morality』

Children , learn to share their experiences and be grateful for life and pray to God in morning assembly every day at school. “Happy Seed Fellowship” is leaded by religious teachers to cultivate positive behaviors through Bible stories and songs, role-playing games and readings.

Theme: Spring , Animal       ClassPre-Nursery

Spring is the season for the growth of all things. Toddlers plant beans, observe the growth of beans and the life habits of the little tortoises. They understand the appearance and living conditions of the little tortoise. Finally, they designed and created the little tortoise and the tortoise park.

Planting activities

Observe the little turtle

Make a little turtle

Result Sharing: Built a Turtle Park

Theme: Sounds       ClassK1

Children learn about different kinds of sounds by sharing life experiences and picture book stories. They learn to empathize, understand the needs of the hearing impaired, and learn to express in sign language.

Imitating the sounds of different animals in nature

Make a rain sound stick

Learn to speak with different voices in different situations

Playing with rain sticks in music lesson

Use plastic wrap to make a tympanic membrane, put on sugar to explore the sound and vibration

Result Sharing:Where does the rain come from? (Animation dubbing story and sign language song performance)

ThemeAutumn       ClassK2

The weather of autumn is cool and it is suitable for outdoor activities. Children enjoy sharing experience, sketching, kite-flying and hot pot activities. After that, they invite their parents come to the school to participate in free games and carry out simulated outing activities together.

Share and vote for “My favorite autumn events”

Outdoor learning activities: Flying a kite, sketching, feeling the wind, picking up leaves, observing small insects…

Hot pot activities with classmates

Role-play activities: Barbecue, picnic, camping, picking pine cones

Result sharing: Sharing autumn outing simulation activities with parents

Theme: Environmental protection       ClassK3

Children learn about environmentally friendly life through sharing life experiences. They jointly build an “Environmental Children’s Fun Amusement Park” to promote environmental protection information.

In the plastic bag parachute experiment, which parachute can land the slowest in the competition?

Carry out waste sorting activities and test the filtration of different materials.

Understand environmental 4Rs, practice waste reuse, make lemon cleaners, homemade handbags/wallets/hairpins for food packaging, etc.

The children collected different environmentally  materials and made eight mini games and the “Environmental Superman”.

Set up an “Environmental Children’s Fun Amusement Park”. Children act as staff and invite other children to play.