Our Team

All our teachers are professionally trained in Early Childhood Education. They are passionate and committed to their teaching and regularly undergo continuous professional development training. There is also a social work service scheme providing assistance to pre-primary children and their families with welfare needs through cross-profession collaboration.

Year 2020-21

“Play in School” (Kindergarten Education Curriculum Guide)

Date:25th September 2020

Content: Through the activities, teachers can have a new experience of free games, thereby inspiring teachers to design free game environments and promote free play activities in schools.


“How to build a good working atmosphere”

Date:25th September 2020

Content: Through different team activities, members can deepen their understanding and trust of each other to build a good team spirit.


Year 2019-20

“Occupational Safety Talk”

Date:11st June 2020

Content: Improve teachers’ occupational health and safety awareness.


“How to develop children’s attention”

Date:9th Apirl 2020

Content: Through activities, teachers can learn the skills of cultivating children’s concentration and apply them in the classroom to improve children’s concentration ability.


“Nature & Living Curriculum”

Date:23rd January 2020 & 1st November 2019


  1. Inspire teachers’ innovative thinking and exploration spirit. Provide children with better learning experiences.
  2. Depending on the stage of early childhood development, to promote the relevance of nature and life courses and exploration activities.

“Physical and Mental Health Workshop”

Date:23rd January 2020 & 1st November 2019

Content: Through artistic expression, let the co-workers review the gifts already in the first half of their lives, and enhance the participants’ experience of personal feelings.

“Positive Thinking Workshop” ( Seed Classroom)

Date:5th October 2019

Content: Teachers recognize the concept of a positive character. Improve teachers’ application skills in the classroom, and cultivate children’s positive character.