Course Features


「A joyful heart is good medicine」(Proverbs 17:22)

Our school allows children to explore the world without limitation and to feel the love around world through diversified activities. Young children reach out to the community to get in touch with nature, to explore, and to connect what they learn into how they live. Learning corners and settings in classrooms are set up by teachers and students every day according to their exploration and learning within the theme of the story. Children are full of expectation and joy every day.


The establishment of self-confidence often comes from the sense of success. At the end of each learning unit, parents are invited to the school to participate in activities such as drama performances, snacks making, etc. where their children show and share their learning achievements. As children share their learning results, they can achieve self-affirmation; learn to respect and to cooperate with each other. We want to cultivate a child who is determined and confident.


Children share their living, learn to be grateful for life and pray to God in morning assembly every day at school. “Happy Seed Fellowship” is leaded by religious teachers to cultivate positive behaviors through Bible stories, poems, role-playing games and readings. Children learn to love one another and to achieve spiritual development in “benevolence”, “kindness” and “gratitude”.


「Life is in motion」. The coordination and responsiveness of movements reflect the balance development of the brain. The school is committed to promoting whole brain learning, strengthening children’s flexibility and attention through a variety of brain exercises. Children will practice Brain Gym everyday, and healthy diet is tailored to provide essential nutrition for children’s brain development (such as dried fruit, nuts, etc.)

The school implements the “Story Approach to Integrated Learning”. The curriculum focuses on “love” and “affections” as its core value. It uses emotionally rich and imaginative stories to nourish the minds of young children, allowing them to visualize the characters and to enrich their language and ways to express emotions. Through these loving stories and teaching, children love and be loved. They learn to love God, love themselves, love their families, love the community and love nature. Within the curriculum, teachers provide inspiration and freedom for young children to create their own meaningful learning, foster creativity and imagination, and to practice the principle of “learning from doing and learning from everyday life”.

Teaching activities also comprise elements from Waldorf’s teaching and learning approach, such as providing various natural materials and furnishings, allowing children to create and listen to stories in a calm and stable environment, and giving them opportunity to make their own  dolls with a variety of materials. Children can uses these hand-made dolls to conduct stories, express personal feelings and needs. This school-based curriculum cultivates positive attitudes among children, helps them discover their own interests and to present uniqueness, promotes opportunities for language expression and social development, and establishes children’s self-confidence.