Our Team

All our teachers are professionally trained in Early Childhood Education. They are passionate and committed to their teaching and regularly undergo continuous professional development training. There is also a social work service scheme providing assistance to pre-primary children and their families with welfare needs through cross-profession collaboration.

Year 2018-19

“Teacher Workshop on Positive Thinking”

Date:13th February 2019

Content:Through experiencing the seven ways to be happy, teachers understand positive psychology and enhance their mentality (positive emotions).

Course on “Teaching Children with Special Needs through Music”

Date:November and December 2018

Content:The workshop explored the use of Music as a tool to help children with special education needs. Teachers learnt to design music activities and to incorporate therapeutic elements within in order to enhance children’s learning and abilities.

“Japanese Early Childhood Education Overseas Exchange”

Date:October 2018

Content:Through visiting Japanese nurseries and kindergartens, teachers experienced the Japanese nature learning and free play culture. The exchange not only broadened teachers’ horizons dened their ’ horizons but enhanced their professionalism.

“2018/19 Support and Frontline Workers’ Retreat” (Joint School Training)

Date:29th October 2018

Content:Through different artistic expressions, teachers and workers reviewed the sweetness and bitterness of life, identified their source of strength , and learnt to be at peace with themselves even when facing difficulties.  

“Enhances Learning Effectiveness by Brain Gym” (Joint School Training)

Date:18th October 2018

 Content:Teachers had greater understanding of the principles of Brain Gym training and the concept of three-dimensional brains. They learnt to apply the techniques of Brain Gym to improve children’s learning effectivness.

“Children Behavioral Counseling Skills” (Joint School Training)

Date:16th October 2018

Content:Teachers learnt strategies to guide children in developing emotional control and self-discipline through demonstration and practices.

 “Classroom Seeds—–Positive Teacher Training

Date:18th August 2018

Content:Teachers gained understanding about the principles of positive education and improved their teaching skills in moral education.  The workshop also enabled teachers to obtain specific teaching suggestion to better cultivate children’s positive character.