School infection control measures

In order to minimize the risk of the epidemic spreading in the community, the government has announced that schools will continue to suspend classes. During this period, the school should keep the premises open. In view of the current situation, the school has the following measures and suggestions:

  1. For safety, parents must wear masks when they are at school. Please also prepare three masks for your child each day. (Please attach name for identification)
  2. All special events will be postponed during the suspension period.
  3. Parents are required to complete the “Health Record Form after Long Holidays” at the reception on the resumption day
  4. Group activities in the school schedule will be suspended, and the activities should be carried out as far as possible to reduce the chance of cross infection.
  5. The school lobby will implement flow control, and only three parents can enter at a time. (Each family can only be accessed by one parent)
  6. Please refer to the school website “Latest News” for the arrangement of school hygiene measures.
  7. According to the recommendation of the Department of Health, citizens who return to Hong Kong from the Mainland should isolate themselves for 14 days as much as possible, and seek medical treatment as soon as possible if they are uncomfortable.


Let us work together to protect your children and family.


For inquiries, please contact the teachers by phone.